Super Bowl Fund Raiser

Posted by Long Island Prospects Bulldogs on Jan 11 2016 at 02:14PM PST

UPDATED 2/2/2016
As of this moment we have 32 boxes sold. Therefore this is the deal. Anyone who has
picked already needs to double their picks (which means we have sold 64 boxes at $10
per box and need to sell 36 more by Sunday)

For those of you who have already entered at $20 per box… We are now changing the
pool to $10 per box. ($1,000 total – 750 to team and 250 to winner)

This means you need to log back in and if you purchased 2 boxes, you now get 4 so
select 2 more. PLEASE DO THIS ASAP!

This also changes the payout from $500 to $250 for the final.

If you would like me just to pick the additional box(es) for you just send me an email at

Welcome to the Long Island Prospects (Bulldogs) SuperBowl Pool Fundraiser! The purpose of this pool is to raise funds for the team’s 12 week Winter Workout session that begins in January!

Therefore 75% of the pts (750 pts) will go directly to Winter Training and the one pool winner will receive 250 pts.

The Prospects appreciate your support and are forever thankful! Good Luck!

Instructions for joining:

Click on the link below (or copy and paste it into your browser) and you will be guided through the process for joining this pool, including registering on the website if you need to.


Pool ID Number: 121386

Pool Entry Code: n27hq2



or give Payment to player you are supporting

If you have any problems or questions joining the pool, please let me know. You can also contact the website for help (

Please pass along to anyone you think may be interested. THANK YOU!


10 pts per box. 250 pts to winner based on FINAL score only.

You can submit your points by clicking this link:

All points are due at time of box selection.


This is a ‘Square Pool’, the 10 by 10 grid type of pool where you select a square or squares until the grid is full. When the pool is closed, random numbers will be generated by the website to fill the row and column headers. The row and column header for your square represent your numbers.


This pool will be based on Superbowl 50


Upon closing the pool, random numbers will be generated by the website to fill the row and column headers of the grid. Your numbers are those represented by the row and column of your square(s).


You may pick up to 15 squares.


Winning this pool is determined by the last digit in the score of both teams. If the score is 17-10 (AFC-NFC) then the person with 7 for the AFC team and 0 for the NFC team wins. Similarly, the same person would win if the score were 7-20, 27-30, 17-0, etc.